SCL Schumann

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How we helped.

These Specification consultants needed a brand new website and videos from us to boost their company profile. Scarlett Media flew to Sydney and captured footage of all the buildings that they had worked on for a montage header, interviewed the staff for a company profile video and two leading architectural firm to create two comprehensive video testimonials and from  all the footage created a 30 second commercial. The commercial was shared on LInkedin which lead audiences to their brand new website.

Having had captured all the videos for them, this made building their website a breeze.

From the profile boost generated by Scarlett Media, they have now sold their business to an international buyer. Now that’s a success story!

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Date : June 2019

Client : SCL Schumann

Video Type: Promotional/Educational

The Video Series

We provide our clients with multiple short form videos for the purpose of use on their website and social media platforms.