How do we help you?

Scarlett Media’s top priority is to create the video content that we think will help the most in terms of increasing brand awareness, promote their products and services, and tell their stories. In today’s digital massive digital landscape, achieving this success can not be done through video alone – This is why Scarlett Media provides additional services to ensure your brand is optimised in every way possible.

Step 1: Proposal.

Our initial free strategy session enables us to ask questions to create a detailed brief to ensure we are clear on who your target audience are and how they will connect to your videos.

Step 2: Pre-Production.

The journey begins! Pre-production may involve scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, crew and equipment hire, art department concepts, casting, recce, scheduling and anything else that is needed to make it all happen.

Step 3: Production.

Now the fun starts! It’s time to jump on set and get in front of the camera. With assistance from our talented team, we make sure our clients enjoy the experience on set while we get the job done smoothly and effectively.

Step 4: Post-Production.

As creativity and collaboration from clients, crew and talent occurs, the final video takes shape. Post-Production may involve editing, music composition or uploading from royalty free tracks, animation, motion graphics, text on screen, voice over and call to action.

Step 5: Promotion.

The point of creating a video is for your audience to see it! Our mission is to ensure that the videos are uploaded to the right channels and target the right audiences. We collaborate with digital marketing agencies to ensure your video is seen, heard and your business is found!

Step 6: Performance

We celebrate your wins! We track the performance of your videos and how they are generating leads, sales, boosting your SEO through videos on your website or building audience response on a monthly basis.

Some of our success stories.

If you’re still curious as to how we would create content for you and your brand, here are some examples of clients that have had instant success and increased their brand exposure and sales after collaborating with us!

Ready to start your journey?

We make movie magic designed exclusively to you. Talk to Scarlett Media today to get started on your next filming project and see how we can elevate your business or organisation with video marketing.



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