Video Production FAQ

If you are new to Video Production or Digital Marketing, it’s normal to have a few questions about the process, how much it costs, what’s involved and so on. For this reason, we’ve gathered some of the common burning questions people have when they first start Video Production projects. Click on the headings below to find out more and don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you can’t find your questions below!

Of course! We are a team of creatives and can record stage or film projects for anyone with a strong creative vision. We’d love to share ideas and bring your film project to life! Contact Us to find out more.

Once again, it depends on your goals and intention for the video. The crew, equipment and time needed added to the editing required will all play a part in determining cost. An experienced Videographer can save you time in running a shoot efficiently without sacrificing quality. In addition, Professional experience like this is essential for live events which cannot be repeated. In summary, if you can invest in the right team, using the right equipment and allow them to spend the time developing every aspect of the video’s production, you can get your hands on a high-quality end product to use across platforms and start reaping a high return on that original investment.

Our videographers have over twenty years experience in directing feature films and commercial projects. Their experience and understanding of digital marketing can save you money and give you a higher return on investment through delivering a richer quality of video production. If you’d like our experienced crew to start working with you, get in touch today!

Creating videos is an investment into making you and/or your business or organisation stand out from the crowd. Your videos will generate more interest in you and your product or service. There are many factors to consider with video production. If you need a script, location scouting, storyboarding, talent, props, make up, crew, sound recording, what equipment you need, how many hours of post-production such as editing, music or voice recording are required. The smaller the budget, the less ingredients you are able to add. While it may be tempting to find cheaper, inexperienced crews to save money, any errors in production will either compromise the quality of the final product or lead to expensive reshoots. In contrast, Scarlett Media will work to your budget as best we can and will also provide you with the solutions to creating the right kind of videos to target your specific audience. If price is everything, we also provide DIY Workshops and editing so that you can film your content yourself and send to us if your budget is on the lower side.

Length of filming time is dependent on the amount of locations and script. The less complicated, the less time required. Creating your own videos is an exceptional investment that will generate more leads to your website. Plus film-making is fun! Scarlett Media work with you to find the most convenient time to film.

Absolutely. Our team of professionals can provide pre-recorded content to play during your event, record the event and live stream it using any platform you desire e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube etc.

Scarlett Media can provide services across Australia. We also have an in-house studio, should you wish to use a green-screen and/or teleprompter.

Post-Production is everything that occurs after shooting. Uploading the footage, sourcing royalty free or other music, editing the footage, adding optional animation, graphics, text, your high resolution logo, subtitles, call to action, voice recording with a voice over artist, creating your YouTube Channel, compressing file for various platforms and delivery. We can do this with our own content that we create, or, your DIY or professional (with permission from the other company) footage.

We offer editing and post-production services to client’s looking to turn video files in to featurettes! In addition, As we regularly develop content for TV, CineAds, Youtube and other digital platforms, we can produce content optimised for any screen you’d like to be seen on. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Having an actor within a scripted video brings your videos to a whole new level. Actors are skilled at understanding how to best communicate to your audience as they have been trained how to deliver dialogue effectively. Not only that, professional actors will show up on time and give their best performance. We highly recommend working with actors and paying them accordingly as they will make you look good!

Our team of experts are experienced in using any type of digital camera from Sony FX6, Sony A7Sii, Drones, etc, we’ve got you covered.

Scarlett Media offer a holistic approach. When you see us, we not only think about the right type of video you need, but who and where your audience are. We can provide you with ideas or work with your marketing team to find your audience on any platform from Facebook, Free to Air and Paid TV, YouTube, Instagram, Cinema, Film Festivals and more.

Absolutely. Scarlett Media have been working for 20 years in the video production industry on all kinds of productions and understand what is required to best communicate for corporate and educational purposes. Have a look on our Educational Page to find out more.

On average our videos take 2 – 4 weeks from concept to launch. The actual time depends on a few factors. If you are looking to shoot a 30 second ad for your small business as part of a Youtube marketing campaign, pre-production can take a while if the ad is creative. This will involve scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, recce, casting and scheduling. Production will depend on the number of locations e.g 1 location may take half a day to shoot, 7 locations may take 3 to 7 days to shoot. Post-production will depend on the amount of footage captured. Basically, the best answer is to talk to us about your idea!

Yes, depending on your video requirements. Our team of experts are experienced in using any type of digital camera from Sony FX6, Sony A7Sii, Drones, etc, we’ve got you covered.

The length of time to set up depends on the amount of crew, cast, weather and equipment. For two crew members, it can take 30 minutes, for a larger crew, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

It’s important to us that your video is well protected. Scarlett Media own the copyrights of the footage and any creative ideas. The final edited videos we provide you with a license to use the video on any platform for an allocated period of time. (Most of our clients have full digital license for in-perpetuity, excepting actors). This ensures your video is reaching the right audience and is not tampered with by anyone else as this may be detrimental to the video. If you would like to obtain full copyright ownership, fees will apply.

We can help you whenever you are ready and at any stage of your create vision. The best time to contact us, is right at the beginning of thinking about a new business, idea, plan for an event, problem that you need to solve for someone, marketing campaign, etc. The sooner we understand your needs and you or your business, the more clearer the creative concept, the better final result and the better reach to your audience.

You can be as little or as much involved in the whole process as you like. Scarlett Media work with you every step of the way. Creating videos is a journey together and we consult with you from pre-production, production and post-production and get your approval on every aspect. After the videos are edited we have a viewing session together to make a few adjustments.

Depending on the project and type of video, you can provide us with a script or we can create one for you based on a creative concept. We do like to edit any scripts that do come to us to ensure they are connecting with your audience effectively and as we consider other aspects that may be added to the video such as cut aways, text overlays, royalty free music, etc.

The shoot depends on the type of script and video. For a large live event, it will require set up either the day before or hours before. Once the event is on, we stay out of your way. A commercial with actors and crew will involve arrival, make up and crew set up. During the shoot, the actors may be required to do a few takes. There is a lot to consider during a take, the director and crew will be looking for the best performance, the right camera angles, the focus, the sound, the props, the costumes and lighting. The more crew, the more eyes on the take and the better the take will be. Film-making is fun but does require a lot of patience and waiting around.

Scarlett Media no longer work with DVDS as they are become more obsolete and many people do not have DVD players. However, we may be able to point you in the right direction should you need to have DVDs produced.

We don’t produce wedding videos, sexually explicit or illegal material, or videos that promote a brand making false, misleading or dubious claims.

Yes. We can. Our team of referral partners can help provide you with the right marketing plan to ensure you reach the right amount of your target audience within your budget.

Adding subtitles can lengthen the editing time. Voice overs will involve extra recording time and cost on voice talent. Talk to us at Scarlett Media to find out more.